Drawbacks of Being a Wedding Photographer

This blog today is a day in the life of a wedding photographer. Being a wedding photographer (or any other type) can take a toll on your body–wearing uncomfortable dress shoes, running around and all the uncomfortable positions you need to get into to get the best photos and standing all day/night can especially hurt your feet. We all know how long weddings are, extending well into the night and early morning.  It goes with the territory and, of course, I love it. I have nothing but praise for the profession. I am the guy behind the camera and the person who can make or break the memory of a wedding (apart from a video I suppose). People prefer the old-fashioned approach. They want a permanent album that documents the big day in their life.

When couples view my work after the ceremony and reception, they are thrilled with the results. I give careful consideration to each and every shot and try not to miss important guests or events such as the cake cutting, garter toss, throwing of the bride’s bouquet, etc. Every traditional wedding features these events. If they don’t, it seems like something is missing. The bride and groom want to remember them and they are almost as important as the family shots or the happy couple alone.

So how do I survive all this partying? In fact, I don’t drink or eat on the job. I wait until I get home, but first I have a special ritual. I own a great foot massager that I found at https://www.highermassage.com/ and it is already out of the closet and waiting. Let me tell you about this device. If you have any sort of foot problem or your feet are simply tired, it will transform you into a new person. The machine plugs in any outlet and then it works its magic. You can change the settings from low and medium to high, and then go for the wondrous vibrating choice. Each mode offers a different experience. You can hold the unit and apply it where you want. It is more effective in my opinion than the type of gadget you stand on, although it does include a heat treatment.

I would rather be sitting down during my relief massage. I have already been standing when I indulge myself in this treat. Maybe you can buy both types for a full effect. I find the portable one to be enough as I can move it in any direction. No sore spots go untouched. People swear by human foot massage, but I am way too busy to go to a salon. Do yourself a favor and buy a home massager so you can use it whenever you want. It isn’t that expensive or you can hint around to friends and relatives as your birthday approaches. I used to print photos from the Internet and place them on the kitchen table until I got what I wanted.