Rough Wedding This Weekend

My blog is here to tell stories about the life of a wedding photographer. I chose it for a reason. But not every wedding is successful. Fortunately, most go without a hitch. As a photographer, I have seen it all. I don’t mean just the wedding cake toppling over, but all kinds of incidents from a family fight to a bridesmaid tripping on her dress. I take it all in stride and put down my camera for a moment until normalcy is restored. If you make a big deal about failures, the bride and groom will suffer. It is best to laugh and move on.

I have heard boring speeches from the best man or slipped swear words. Sometimes, he starts choking or gasping for air. A fast glass of water helps to quell the embarrassment. I always stand quietly in the wings when anything odd happens. I do love the festivities or I wouldn’t be in this business. I love to see happy, smiling faces. It makes my work more successful. It would be fun to record all the mishaps just one time and make an album of them for the couple. So far, I have not fulfilled this goal – but I am thinking about it. It would go straight to Instagram.

Finally, I must mention a completely different kind of wedding disaster that occurred at a particularly rough wedding recently. It took place in a lovely garden; but the DJ’s outdoor speaker system didn’t work so nobody heard the bride and groom being announced when it was time to gather for the cutting of the cake. Shortly after, the music cut out partway through their first dance. The bride had spent ages reading about the benefits of outdoor speaker systems at, only to be let down by the DJ’s poor choices. It took a long time for it to be restored such that the flower girl fell asleep. At least it wasn’t the groom.

Technological problems are the bane of a bride and groom’s existence. You have nightmares about things going awry. Music is the background for the party and you don’t want it to fail. One thing you never think to ask your hired band is what kind of speakers they will bring.

There are always occasions when the bride’s veil topples to the floor, a kid spills his juice on the groom, or the mother-in-law has a meltdown in public. I have seen people balk at the cold food or when they find a hair in their mashed potatoes. The worst thing I ever saw was when a cricket leaped across a table of guests going from plate to plate. Women don’t hesitate to scream when anything out of the ordinary happens. The most common problem is when people get drunk and speak their minds. During one catfight, a glass of wine was tossed in one of the fighter’s faces. The retaliation was hysterical. The other gal grabbed her opponent’s hair and pulled out her French role. Pins went flying! It made a boring wedding a real hoot.