Set Yourself up For Success

I may be able to preserve a wedding ceremony forever on film, but I can’t seem to save my camera bag. It doesn’t hold anything but the one device and it is wearing out fast. It no longer has its original cachet. It isn’t presentable to take to special events that I photograph. It is time for a new one. I have something particular in mind.

I can’t seem to find the ideal camera bag that fits all my gear. If I do find a roomy one, it is unattractive and made out of faux leather. There isn’t a big market for expensive bags given that people use their small cell phones and tablets these days. I will have to design my own, I suppose, to get what I want. As I look around online and in stores, I see some positive features on one and other features on another. No one bag has it all – at any price.

I make a list of what every modern bag should have, based on the one I found at I don’t care if it is expressly made for a photographer as long as it holds what I have to tote. A business-style backpack may do just fine. The type for corporate work comes in leather or at least the trim is a fine material. My first choice is leather all around, preferably a masculine black. It is part of dressing the part. At a wedding, everyone is in a black suit or a tuxedo if it is very formal. I always set myself up for success by wearing a good shirt and pants, sometimes with a basic jacket – all in classic black. I don’t stand out and call attention to myself this way, for fear of the impact that a review on Facebook can have. And it just isn’t the clothes. A worn-out camera would be worse than wearing a white suit. It would be an eye grabber.

I am getting closer as I survey the backpack scene. Here is what I need for my professional life: a good size well-made backpack in black leather with silver snaps or zippers (not too prominent). It is no school boy’s bag. It will be compact when it is closed although it is okay if it opens up for extra storage. The camera finds its own space first, complete with its protective cover. In a compartment to the side sits an alternative lens. Cords and other accessories go in smaller areas that are closable for better segregation. The outer pocket of the bag will store my phone so it is in plain sight for easy reach. My wallet, car keys, a protein bar, sunglasses, aspirin, and a bottle of water go inside wherever they can. It would be best if they were not altogether. I value organization.

I am designing in my mind. The perfect bag looms on the horizon. The question is, where will I find it? I am starting to seriously think of having it custom made. It may be a serious investment, but I will finally have what I want.