Tuxes and Hoops

As a wedding photographer, I look for unique opportunities so that the final shots are interesting and fun. There is a time to take formal photos for the wedding album including the usual bride and groom portrait, cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet, the first dance, putting on the garter, and the family group picture. Every couple wants to document their day in a traditional way. They can choose color or black and white, even sepia, to make them unique. Alongside the required photos, I like to throw in a lot of candids. These could be the bridesmaids getting ready, the bride looking in a mirror, the bride and her mother and/or sisters putting on makeup, etc. Other candids happen naturally before and after the ceremony. For example, at one recent event, the groomsmen started playing basketball with a portable hoop like these in the backyard of the venue. It was amusing to see them jumping and dribbling while in their tuxes. They didn’t seem to be worried about getting messed up. I guess they were killing time between the ceremony and the reception. I had to get these shots for sure.

The groomsmen were the most colorful characters that day by far and I shot a series based on their antics. Of course, they were also tame in the wedding group portrait. They stood stoically before my camera. I bet they couldn’t wait to get back to playing basketball. Who on earth thought of bringing a portable hoop to a wedding? There is always one goof-off in every crowd. I tried to guess which guy was the culprit. I never found out. I did get to know them a little better than I usually do. I am so busy with the camera that I don’t really speak to anyone. With this group, I wanted to talk about hoops. I love the game and don’t shy away from recounting great shots. Each of the groomsmen had his favorite team or player. We could have gone on all night, but there was a ceremony to attend.

One of the guys mentioned that he had been a good basketball player in high school. If he hadn’t wanted to get into law school, he would have gone on to become part of a college team. I am envious of anyone who gets to play as a student or later professionally. There are so few who make it in the big time. These players are our heroes. We watch them in person or on TV and admire their slick moves. I look forward to game night at my best friend’s home when a bunch of us get together, watch, compare stats, and drink beer. There is no better social venue than a basketball game. I have to admit that I also love football, soccer, and baseball; but there are only so many hours in the month when you have the free time to indulge in sports as a fan.