Another Crazy Wedding

Weddings don’t always go smoothly. Anything can happen, although it is not that often. I am thankful for this. I don’t expect disasters and unforeseen events to mar the festivities. Believe it or not, however, odd things have happened to me or the guests. There was the time when the big ice sculpture melted all over the place. It was a mini flood! The ladies were ruining their satin shoes. How about the occasion when the three-tiered cake tipped over because of the extreme heat. It wasn’t easy for the servers to clean it up and salvage at least the top part with the bride and groom statues.

The mayhem didn’t end here. Recently I was aghast that one of the drunk guests knocked over my tripod, breaking it. Another crazy wedding to add to my growing list. People do drink a bit too much during the reception dinner and they can wreak havoc in various ways. They can knock things over like bottles of wine and glasses. They can fall on the dancefloor or cause another person to trip. Usually things don’t happen directly to me or my equipment. This time it did and the bride and groom were devastated. They worried that I would no longer be able to snap some casual photos. We had already done the formal work right after the ceremony.

I told them not to worry and that I had another tripod in my van. I can also walk about using a hand-held camera. If I do a set up with stationary lights, I like to stabilize the camera. I must admit, it was very annoying. I will have to fix the tripod when I get home as it is a different size than my backup device. I tried not to think about the delay this will cause for my next job. I went on about my photography business with a smiling face. As it turns out, the pictures were great. You would never know that a disaster had happened. People didn’t look drunk even though I knew they were. They get in their own world in a partying mood, without thinking of the consequences.

The tripod is metal and needed a good bit of welding. I took it to my workspace at home and got out my multi-process welder which doesn’t get much use. I was happy to have it on hand and not have to run out and borrow the neighbor’s. It is useful for such small jobs although it was purchased to aid in plumbing repairs after I got the idea on Twitter. Pipes are always leaking. If you are a handyman or do-it-yourselfer, such a welder is a necessity of life. There are so many practical applications.

With the tripod back in working order, I was off to the next wedding hoping that nothing dire would happen. It was a normal event and went off without a hitch. Let’s hope that it will be a long time before I see problems.